2022 winners of the worldstar global packaging awards

2022 winners of the worldstar global packaging awards

World-leading sustainability

At Pakpot, Sustainability isn’t simply a word on our Boardroom wall. The concept of creating a greener environment drives every level of our business.

Smaller carbon footprint

All the machines at Pakpot are electric or electric hybrid, making them 70% more efficient than traditional alternatives.

Additionally, centralising our manufacturing, packaging and logistics reduces our reliance on freight – improving the nett carbon footprints.

Operating a Clean Room (environmentally controlled production facility) at our premises ensures we retain our accreditation.

We also utilise solar energy extensively across our business.

We choose our partners carefully

Pakpot only sources our materials from environmentally-conscious organisations. Our products are all BPA-free and 100% recyclable.


Pakpot’s OBP certification means ocean bound recovered plastic content can be used in our products. Our ISCC certification also allows us to introduce recyclable content into our stream.

Smaller. Lighter. Cleaner.

Pakpot is committed to producing plastic packaging that is better for the earth. We have converted our process from Shrink sleeve or Duo Pack to 100% recyclable In-Mould Labelling.

Our Research and Development is currently focused on ways to further reduce our use of plastic to make
packaging lighter and minimise waste.

Our polypropylene products are 100% recyclable.

Our company won PIDA and Worldstar Global Packaging Awards, which reflects our strategies in this sector

“PakPot were very fast and responded positively to the changes we requested.”

2022 winners of the worldstar global packaging awards