2022 winners of the worldstar global packaging awards

2022 winners of the worldstar global packaging awards

Meet the company behind the products.

PakPot is an Australian manufacturer of high quality, In-mould labelled sustainable plastic containers.

Our award-winning products are sought after by the food, cosmetic and medical industries. Here is a snapshot of what makes Pakpot unique in the manufacturing sector.

Centralised manufacturing, packaging and logistics reduces our reliance on freight, minimising our carbon footprint.

Our team have nearly 30 years’ experience in product design and manufacturing

Significant investment in state-of-the-art machinery has allowed us to produce high quality, efficient packaging solutions

One of our innovative Yoghurt tubs was recently awarded the global Worldstar global 2022 Award for its design and focus on sustainability.

Highly collaborative approach to product design

What are People Saying about PakPot?

A Greek yoghurt brand has teamed up with Australian injection moulder PakPot to launch a pack that combines two separate ingredients in individual compartments using an in-mould label (IML).

Grecian earns from IML

Plastics in Packaging

In 2017, Chobani Australia launched the Flip product range, featuring products that combine Greek yogurt with a dry, crunchy mix-in. “We needed smart packaging with two compartments, so that the consumer could combine the ingredients for consumption by ‘flipping’ the container,” explains John Williams, New Product Development Manager, at Chobani.

Ready in a Flip With Specialised IML Packaging

Packaging Europe

“PakPot were very fast and responded positively to the changes we requested.”

2022 winners of the worldstar global packaging awards